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Nothing makes me more than a garter belt monicastube sexy lingerie and stockings under pants outdoors. One day this summer I took myself, took a portable DVD player and went in a park in Epsom. I sat in the parking lot with bushes on either side of me, the DVD player stuck in my cigar making, a disc is loaded, my pants slipped down and ready for fun. It was a very dirty DVD showning buy a TV from a sailor on a wall in an alley so screwed. Of course, I had a wonderful and hard stroked my penis through my silk panties and pulled my straps taught, that my socks were as close as possible. I lowered the back seat, my legs and let my cock my underwear and started masturbating slowly, not because I wanted to cum too soon. the car windows were open, because it is very hot and the breeze in dress nylon legs and tail, as I rubbed while I played the DVD was seen. I had this approach for about 10 minutesin the film and did not notice a figure in the bushes on the side pasenger. What a surprise, I quickly sat down and tried to pull his pants when talking to the boy : ' Come on down, look what you've done to monicastube me ' and that opened his pants and monicastube pulled monicastube his tail, the one good thing about 8 ' fat, very tight. I do not know what to say or do, but when I saw that there was no turning back. opened the passenger door and got in, as it appears on the seat had to put my pants down again and then ran her hands up my legs and nylon dress and grabbed monicastube my cock. 'Well done, you have it, ' he said. he grabbed my hand and pulled him on his stiffy, and made me stupid . 'I would love to fuck you dressed like that,' he said. Well, I 've thrown a couple of times, but never one as big and as thick as I said I did not see him as someone in the car and had no where to go . ' shit if I could find somewhere? '. Knowledge of the region --- or so--- I said 'yes. ' 'OK, get dressed, that somewhere, follow me ' and so left the car and headed to this area. I followed him and when we entered a lane on the side of the field, he held back, until I met them. We were together, he felt my ass, as we went, then slid his hand around monicastube the waist of my pants and started to feel my nylon clad land, took my hand and placed it on his hard through his jeans. at the end of the street was a house that was falling. ' I'm in this working group, and I 'm on my own, no one bothers us,' as you enter a key in the door and entered. He referred to the ladder and climb it should. He was behind me and reached his hands around my waist and opened my pants, which fell to the ground, and then had his hands all over my underwear and nylon stockings. It was hard monicastube with his pants at the ankles, but I had a raging hard trying not to go, so drawa We enterd the room naked, naked except for a carpet on the floor. I was there when it started to peel, my shirt, my pants, my shoes and my socks last. Then he began to undress, his shirt and his shoes first and, finally, his trousers and underpants and left this weapon formiddable. He fell to his knees again and ran his hands over my body and suddenly I had my cock in her mouth. I almost fainted with pleasure. If someone turned around and at that time we called, I did not care. then leaned over and took his cock in my mouth to say that he had, monicastube but it was with some difficulty, since it was so great, but eventually discovered it. ' We have come to fuck me so it's the time', he reached into his jeans on the floor and pulled a condom from his pocket and had a small packet of lubricant. He tore off the monicastube top of the bag and pulled my panties to the side smeared my hole. I asked if I take off my panties, butHe said: ' No, I am the silky material against my cock as I stuffed I feel like. ' I took a window overlooking a vast area and porch. I asked him to take it carefully, as it was so great and never had one that was already built. gently move the penis in my hole - with difficuly, I might add - when little by little, pushed a little at a time, monicastube until I go as far as I wanted to enter, was. Then he started moving a little faster, then faster, until I screwed everything worth it. 'Do you like this, do not you, bitch,' he said, if I respond, ' I respond, ' So I told him. ' Tell me how much scum' I was really into this dirty talk, so ' stuffed up your ass away from me, brave son of a bitch monicastube Go ' so that their efforts will be strengthened, he said. ' I want to suck my dick friends like me fuck, I bet you wish that no, bitch, ' ' Oh, yes, ' I replied,' and I had a couple of guys, as the line -up after me so hard I scewcould'nt be followed by ': ' I think a bitch first order received, now on the floor on his back for half to wrap your legs around my back, ' I was down and lifted her ass up and got between my legs and pushed his cock back. it was difficult at first, until one arm was created under my ass to me and then took me in the correct position and pounding. I have this time monicastube much closer when he came to me after 5 minutes with such a din and 'Take the fucking scum,' he said. after many tugs finally pulled its tail, and saw that the condom, a desert spoon of sperm at the tip of the nipple was. n we have moved us as we chatted, both say how much he had enjoyed. he told me to this house to be alone, in 5 days when I did a repeat performand. so we decided to meet in the same place at the same time in five days . Could I wear a bra, panties, dresses and high heels, because he knows I was not inWith a wig and makeup, he did not ask. I said yes, but I can not go in a suit and high heels and walk to a fixed housing and said I could put them in the house. This will be a different story with monicastube a surprising result as monicastube I say, is later
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